Pentecostal Tabernacle International is a vast organization which encompasses people of all backgrounds, nationalities and income levels. I believe that God has chosen people with colossal differences who will work together toward a unified goal. In order to maximize our effectiveness, the Lord has given the organization a Vision that encompasses four areas.
They include the development and maintenance of:

Youth Program

This program will target the development of the spiritual and social needs of our Young People. With training at this stage, we obey the scripture which instructs us to train up a child in the way that he should go.

Saint Care
In order to successfully move forward we must always remember the vehicle which brought us to the present. Our Senior Citizens have been instrumental in establishing Churches, maintaining the standard of holiness throughout the years and most importantly, they have touched the lives of many who were seeking salvation. It is because of our Seniors, that we are here today. The Church of our Lord has a rich history and it is our obligation to help preserve it

Brotherhood Alliance
This union will act as a bonding agent to further unite the Brothers of the organization.

Educational Program for the Ministers and Deacons