We here at Pentecostal Tabernacle of Palm Beach have set specific goals to ensure proper progress.

Our Statement of Mission:
To proclaim the whole gospel of Jesus Christ, to minister to the needs of the community, to demonstrate the all-compassing love of God. We know that the Lord Jesus Christ has placed a special call on each of our lives and we are determined to tackle every aspect of our Mission.

For the lack of Vision, the people perish. Thereby, we have strategize our means of sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ to every resident of West Palm Beach and surrounding areas.

Our Statement of Vision:
Through the grace of God we endeavor to serve as a beacon within the church community by maintaining a doctrinal standard that parallels the Asia Minor Church of Ephesus while fostering an environment of brotherly love that is consistent with that of the Church of Philadelphia… To spread the Gospel through every available media, to including television, radio, billboards, and the Internet.

Within only a few months, Pastor Howard Aarons, and the Pentab West Palm Beach family had taken the gospel to hundreds through innovative outreaches. Lives were transformed, and membership surged by more than 200.