Sunday School is of immeasurable value to the church. The Sunday School department is the entire body of the church, including members, non-members, children and adults, administratively organized with definite responsibilities for;

  • Ministry
  • Teaching of God’s Word
  • Fellowship

All of which can be accomplished more effectively and more personally in a small setting, rather than in the larger congregation. Our Sunday School is organized to meet life needs of all age groups, babies through senior adults, in an environment of support, encouragement and exhortation using learning methods appropriate for each developmental level. The objectives of the Sunday School must be derived from the objectives of the church.


If the mission of the Sunday School were to be described in one word, that word would be ministry. The Sunday School class can become a cohesive unit in which individual needs of all kinds are recognized and dealt with in a context of rich relationship. People have all kinds of needs; the Sunday School, with its foundation on sound biblical teaching, is structured to deal effectively with emotional needs, social needs, intellectual needs and physical needs. Most importantly, however, the Sunday school is an
effective arm of the church to meet spiritual needs, which the church is uniquely qualified to deal with.

Teaching of God’s Word

Where the word of God is taught, lives are challenged and decisions are made. The Bible confronts individuals and calls for response. The Bible is God’s revealed truth, and must form the basic content of Sunday School. The diligent teaching of the bible with due emphasis on application, allows pupil to achieve an encounter with the living God which will make all the difference in attaining the abundant life which Jesus promised. While personal private Bible study is invaluable for Christian growth, participation in a small group setting, which studies the scriptures in a systematic way, guided by dedicated teachers is what Sunday School is all about.


The open sharing of personal issues and honest discussion of life questions is a great foundation for developing strong bonds and relationships, which can be tremendously enriching. Such relationships form the basis for an extremely positive learning environment, as the bible is open each week during Sunday School in search of guidance and direction.

One of the most difficult problems in today’s churches is to assimilate new members into the congregation, providing the kind of bonding with other members, which will support and nurture Christian growth. The Sunday School in its small class group setting is actively seeking to bring new members and visitors into the fellowship of each class.

The pressure that challenges us on a daily basis makes it imperative to study God’s word and to foster fellowship and  encouragement among ourselves. The Sunday School is still the most popular format for achieving this goal. Its functions and purpose comes from the word of God. Deuteronomy 31: 12,13 describes God’s plan “Assemble the people, men, women and children so they can listen and learn to fear the Lord your God and follow carefully all the word of his law. Their children, who do not know this law, must hear it and learn to fear the lord your God.”

The commands to study and teach God’s word are no less direct in the New Testament.

As stated by Jesus Words:
“Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you” (Matt. 28: 19,20).

In view of this magnificent reality we encourage all our members, visitors and children who are not apart of Sunday School to take advantage of this marvelous opportunity to be in Sunday School regularly and on time.

Just For Laughs

An eight-year-old boy had been pestering his father for a watch. Finally  his father said in exasperation, “I don’t want to hear about your wanting a watch again.” At dinner that night the family each gave a scripture verse at the dinner table, and the boy Mark 13: 37. ” And what I say unto you I say unto you I say unto all, watch”

A little boy was saying his go-to-bed prayers in a very low voice. “I can’t hear you, dear,” his mother whispered . “Wasn’t talking to you,,” said the boy firmly.